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Stunning Mosques from all over the World

The word Mosque comes from the Arabic word “Masjid” which means a place of worship for followers of Islam. Such ancient buildings, which still stand tall in their original glory, best reflect the Islamic style of architecture. To any tourist, the elegance of those amazing architectural marvels is something to behold. The beauty of sacred places continues to inspire visitors and they have lovely architecture and breathtaking views. Forum Travel is here to find stunning mosques from all over the world that will take your breath away.



Popularly known as the Apple of Istanbul’s Eye, Blue Mosque is very unique in itself. The holy place of worship is a historic symbol of old Istanbul, the capital from which the Empires of Byzantine and Ottoman rule. It is one of Istanbul’s most prominent icons. It’s six minarets reflects its uniqueness by making it different from other mosque accompanied by one large dome and eight smaller domes. Two of the minarets are situated on the east and west corners of the courtyard, while the four other pencil- minarets are situated on the mosque’s four corners. The reason behind its name as Blue Mosque is its bluish interior decoration. One will be puzzled looking its exterior view as to why it is called Blue Mosque, until and unless visited inside and coming across striking blue tiles. It has 20,000 different blue tiles, in which old tiles feature flowers, trees, and patterns that reflect the designs of the 16th century. It is one of Istanbul’s most popular sights, which is still a working mosque, and therefore closes for 90 minutes to tourists at each pray time, where, at a time about 20,000 people can worship. The carpeted prayer hall and the large chandeliers hanging above it certainly raise the interior atmosphere to a different level.



The magnificent white marble structure represents an epitome of magnificence and grandeur. This architectural beauty has been completed for over 12 years and is recognized as the ‘Silver Gulf Pearl’. Named after the founding father and the first president of UAE- Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque of the city and simply the best place to visit in Abu Dhabi. It contains 82 domes, over 1,000 columns, 24-carat-gold gilded chandeliers and the largest hand-knotted carpet in the world. Around 41,000 worshippers can
worship at the same time inside the mosque. It has a massive architectural artwork, blending Islamic architectural schools. The mosque is made by sourcing materials from different countries. Its constructions took almost 11 years to be fully completed. One can see its differently displayed lighting system that further resembles phases of the moon. The grand mosque is simply a beautiful, huge and wonderful example of modern Islamic architecture. Abu
Dhabi’s stunning construction of Grand Mosque minarets blends the styles of Mamluk, Ottoman, and Fatimid architecture. Identified as the Gulf’s White Pearl, this majestic marble and gold building is a feast for your eyes, flanking with finely cut grass and transparent pools.



A luxury tourist destination and a city of open doors, open minds consist of the largest and the most beautiful mosque in Dubai. Jumeirah Mosque allows everyone to enter the Mosque, regardless of religion, gender or age. It reveals an elegant and modest look and also known as two minaret mosque. When you enter the mosque, you will come across the beautiful interior which is richly decorated with Arabic calligraphy and ornate patterns. The eye-catching view is the structure entirely built of white stone. The Jumeirah Mosque is Dubai’s most-photographed
mosque. Even one can visit here as a tourist without any restrictions, and no strict rules for clothing are there. It’s just that women must wear headscarves. Even women can get traditional Islamic attire if required. Tours here are offered four times a week, where it take around 75 minutes. Visitors also get an opportunity to learn about the five pillars of Islam, how Muslims pray and much more. The great architectural beauty of mosques around the world has made these true sites of interest for tourists where tourists as carry beautiful memories and knowledge in their hearts for a lifetime. The tour of this mosque, arranged particularly for non-Muslims, aims at fostering cultural understanding among them and enabling them to experience first-hand the Islamic faith as an insight.


Suleymania Mosque

Istanbul attracts millions of tourists each year with its rich cultural heritage. It offers a variety of travel destinations to travelers. The second-largest mosque of Istanbul- Suleymania mosque is one of the best places to visit and explore. It means a lot to Turkish culture. Stepping inside the mosque makes you familiar with its mesmerizing interior design feature. The mosque dome is 47 meters high and there are elephant foot pillars on the corners which support the dome. One can click pictures inside the mosque. You can take an entry from any one of the three entrances of the mosque. Among the various mosques of Turkey, Suleymania Mosque is rated as one of
the most visited ones by travelers around the world. For enjoying the beautiful views and to explore the architect’s design, you will have to go northward of the mosque and through the main entrance enter the courtyard. Here you can capture the moments as the Suleymania Mosque is not only stunning but, in my opinion, it’s also the most likable Mosque in Istanbul.



Dominating the skyline of Muscat, “Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque” is a magnificent iconic structure and the most beautiful modern mosque in the world. It consists of the world’s second-largest single piece carpet, as it is the major feature of the interior design. In Omen, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one of the mosques that allow any visitor inside the prayer halls. Omani women also offer dates and coffee, where you can avail of the opportunity and ask them about life and culture. They feel blessed and happy to share their stories. The library here holds more than 20,000 books and is an impressive sight. It’s always free of cost to explore mosques. One can study in detail about the handcrafted details of the mosques. There is a small room with a fountain-looking construction in the center i.e. the ablution room. Here worshipers come to perform the cleansing or purification ritual before prayer. This can be your all-time rememberable adventure. Its uniqueness is a must-watch. Beautifully well -maintained gardens surround the Mosque. Being a traveler, you should not miss the chance to visit such an amazing place.



Holding a special place in the heart of Muslims, Al-Masjid AN Nabawi Mosque is the second most important place for them in the world. This mosque led to the existence of electricity in the Arabian Peninsula. You will find the stories and many subtle signs while coming across the mosque where it also signifies the location of historically and spiritually significant events. Education plays an important role in everyone’s life. Keeping this in mind, this mosque is not only for offering prayers but also spreading enlightenment and education. As time passes the
color of the dome changed, from green to brown to white, and then changed to blue and purple. Talking about the past, this mosque was an open-air building made with only palm trunks, clay and palm leaves. It is believed that prayers here uttered are never rejected. As the dome was painted green, therefore it is known as the “Green Dome”. The significant thing about Al-Masjid an-Nabawi is that this is open all year round.



Quba Mosque has a special and unique meaning in the hearts of Muslims around the globe. It is also called the oldest Mosque in the world after all its the first mosque ever built. The mosque has 4 minarets and exactly 56 domes, along with 7 main entrances and 12 minor ones. The prayer place was constructed known as the “Mihrab”, also known as a prayer niche. It is one of the precious Islamic landmarks that should be visited by everyone once in a lifetime. One of the amazing facts is that a library and a shopping center are interlinked with Quba Mosque.
Women are allowed with a separate compartment so that there is an ease in worship without any hindrance and can pray with full privacy. 20,000 people can worship at a time in the praying area. There is a large prayer hall comprising of six domes. Even if a person performs two Nafl at the Masjid Quba, it is considered as equal to one Umrah.

There is many more grand mosque which has a great architecture that can make you say awe-inspiring. You guys can give more names which mosque did you like most and share your experience with us. Each mosque has its beauty; people feel relax while sitting inside and praying from the bottom of their hearts. Let’s pray together and make yourself feel lighter. Forum Travel is here to provide the best flight deals as compared to other agencies and see the difference yourself. We will provide amazing deals and packages to make your experience better.