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Explore Europe – Rated as the Best Destination for Vacations

European countries are full of vibrant cities and more than a million people voted Europian cities as the best holiday destinations in the world. From England to France to Germany to Switzerland- there are many brilliant places to visit. I collected some user views which are the best places to visit in Europe. They just laughed and gave a review- Its really difficult to select one place because every place has its own highlights, different cuisines, nightlife, historical places and many more. Whether you are looking at break from your work, wedding ceremony, honeymoon plans, family holiday, road trip with friends or alone trip. Globetrotters can find lots of inspiration to visit there because people discover infinite reasons to explore mesmerizing places. Forum Travel provides cheap tickets and the best vacation packages to make your journey more comfortable and memorable. Now, its Christmas time, people love to spend quality time to explore beautiful markets and purchase gifts for special ones.

Athens, Greece

Athens is the Capital of Greece and also known as the heart of ancient Greece. Athens is like flipping the coin- On one side it has such beautiful ancient places and interesting history, and on the side, it focused on modernity and cultural ethics. Travellers will fall in love with the beauty of its architecture. The Acropolis is one of the world’s most breathtaking ancient museum. In this museum, you can also enjoy the amazing breakfast of fried eggs and mini pancakes which will amaze your mind. If you guys liked to walk in narrow pedestrian streets, then Plaka is the best sport lined with quaint bougainvillaea-draped houses and inviting restaurant terraces. Athens people love nightlife and creative cocktail culture. Kolonaki, Psiri, and Gazi have a rollicking bar scene.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the perfect destination for friends, an amazing place for shopping. Apart from that, this place is rich in culture and dramatic history. Budapest is blessed with an abundance of hot springs. It is very easy to travel from one place to another through trains or trams. If you are bored from this transportation, then take chairlift which passes above from the Buda Hills for an epic view of the city. Take your cameras with you and capture the amazing view of the Buda Castle in the night view. The Buda Castle looks amazing in night light which is the most adorable scene. This place has really amazing history during World War II if anyone is history lover will find many museums, sculpture and flamboyant architecture.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

With its artistic heritage, canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, this place are full of tourist attraction because there are many canals which attracts the globetrotters. There is much more to explore- such as quirky festivals, enjoying live music, laid-back bars and enjoying the food at delightful restaurants. This city is cycle friendly and has an unbeatable network of cycle routes and a flat landscape where you can hop on bikes to explore the charming neighbourhood. Are you a night owl? There are floating cruise in canals which is famous for dancing houses and decorated with fairy lights. They have an unbelievable party and candle-light dinner atmospheric lights which give you a magical feel. Enjoy a glass of wine and delicious food to see sightseeing tours on the cruise.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the beautiful cities where you can explore the city through a bike tour. Paris has a lot of collection of monuments, artworks, and has the most beautiful museums in the world. If you are visiting the first time, then you will discover less known hidden gens that will astonish you and also discover many adventure spots that will never exhaust you and maintain your energy level up in the sky. Eiffel Tower is one of the iconic attractions and can create amazing moments with your loved ones. Don’t forget to take a camera because you will find such an amazing background that you can’t resist to capture them. If anyone is planning to propose your better half this is such a romantic place to express yourself.

Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is the home of many turquoise lakes, villages and high peaks of the Alpes where you can find ski resorts and hiking trails. This is the best place to visit in summer and enjoy the adventure or sports activities in Alpes. Are you dreaming about yourself in such an amazing place? Now, are you probably thinking about swiss chocolate, good quality of swiss cheese? There are so many chocolate shops, factories where you can’t resist yourself to buy and grab different flavours to gift for friends. Geneva has such a sparkling effect which gives you unmissable experience. There is a lot of vineyards that are diverse with its breathtaking views and enchanting landscape. This city has an impressive number of clubs where you can enjoy the night party.

Barcelona, Spain

It is an iconic place to visit its vibrant and stunning sea-side beauty, breathtaking architecture, a superb art gallery that is alluring for tourists. With its magical ambience and delightful surprises make this place more attractive. If you are a music lover and open for a new composition of music, you will hear very nice Spanish melodies on streets where musicians show their talent with different musical instruments. A masterpiece of Gothic architecture in the town centre looks like a medieval world. I guess you will find that you came for a very short period because whenever anyone starts exploring and find hidden gems and lost in the beauty of its marvelling views. Are you a history lover? This place has an interesting history of Cathedral from the 13th century which is the most impressive part of this place.


Rome, Italy

Ah, with its antiquity and obligatory landmarks it is really difficult to choose the place first. This city is blessed with an ancient glorious heritage which has expanded its empire worldwide. Visitors may be overwhelmed with its beauty and ancient sites that they can flip the coin to select the place. In every corner of the street, you will find history and several districts with its centre. It is the oldest and finest city in the world and organized exhibitions which consist of nearly 3000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display. The Colosseum is a symbolic monument, which is the largest amphitheatre where different cultural festivals, theatre performances, circuses organized by the government. Roman Forum is another ancient place to explore which has religious buildings too. Sidewalk cafes in Rome are very popular to have some enjoyable time.

Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw is an incredible place that is surrounded by canals. This is the most charming and full of historical sites that have impressive and unique Panorama. The pedestrian sidewalks lined up with shops, cafes, restaurants which is the hangout place for every age of the person. The covered market will seduce the visitor mind and can-do shopping for your loved ones and Market square is another spot which is the largest in Europe which includes a lot of architecture, colourful tenements during the second world war. Do you love the fancy or sophisticated good lunch? There are many old restaurants and outdoor cafes which are decorated in an old classic style with a vibrant atmosphere. Classic Polish dishes along a fantastic selection of wines which they will serve with the pleasing presentation will amaze your mind and stomach.

Unfortunately, there are many places left in Europe that need to explore. It is really not possible to visit all the places in Europe in a month. Europe is a mixture of beautiful beaches, turquoise lakes, picturesque mountains, limitless sky, wonderfully scenic places, breathtaking adventure spots and many more that no one wants to go back home. This place has fresh air that everyone just wants to be lost in this amazing beauty of nature. Please let us know which one your destination place is to visit. Forum Travel– provides the best flight deals to travel to your favourite destinations for your holidays. Find your travelling bucket list and book your tickets now to enjoy tour precious and valuable time with your friends and family. ?

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