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Christmas Celebrations in Middle Eastern Countries

Are you dreaming about Santa and Christmas celebration? Coming to the end of the year, this is the most wonderful time and I must say this is the best time to say goodbye and welcome the next year with open arms. No matter what the tradition is, one thing is common among all – Family Love which is the most beautiful moment. Christmas is the season cherishing all these memories, talking about the best time spend in the whole year and laughing together. During this time everyone is exchanging delightful gifts and love to decorate big Christmas tree with red, white fairy lights, sparkling balls. Every place has a different way to celebrate. Let’s see a few of them in Middle Eastern countries, how they celebrate welcoming festive season.

Bethlehem, Palestine

What will be the best place to celebrate Christmas, other than the birthplace of Jesus himself…?? Of course, you should visit Bethlehem, which is the birthplace of Jesus to celebrate Christmas. Over here, visitors can find the most powerful events of the year, as it is also home to a vibrant Christian community. All the events take place in the city square, which makes it is a cultural hub consisting of performances, bustling hub for craftsmen, souvenir stores and amazing workshops. On Christmas eve, this city expects 1.4 million globetrotters to get the taste of the festivities. There is a group of people who gathered around the church at midnight which marks the site of Jesus birthplace. I can bet that once you visit this place during Christmas, you will cherish the celebration throughout the year.

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Beirut, Lebanon

Dreaming of celebrating amazing Christmas? Lebanon is the right place to celebrate Christmas by their top presentation which will fascinate your mind. The decoration attracts spectators all over the world and grabs the attention of the pedestrians, mini markets set up booths outside their shops with Christmas trees and lights scattered around. To welcome the Christmas, Lebanon gives exposure to the fusion of creative imaginations with dazzling lights and the most eye-catching is big decorated tress among various malls. On Christmas eve, Lebanon’s traditional dance “Dabkeh”, is performed, along with spending a special day in the warm circle of family and friends. People gathered in such areas to feel the experience of enchanting white Christmas and exciting rush of people to spend their weekends at such places.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Being a Muslim country, Dubai also cherishes Christmas with embracing the bright lights and fun of Christmas with open arms. In the centre of the Dubai Mall, you will get the chance to see a huge Christmas tree, wonderfully decorated with light and tinsels. In Dubai, multiple shops and mall give a full exposure of seasonal gifts on display along with tinsel and baubles. Children’s are fond of seeing the Santa and the environment is cherished by the carol singers. It even offers you to have an experience of skiing, snowboarding to encounter with penguins, snow bullet rides and much more. Are you dreaming to see yourself in such a beautiful place? Now I am pretty much sure that even you don’t want to miss to enjoy the amazing eve’s party.

Cairo, Egypt

Unlike the rest of the world, Egypt celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January. Have you seen camels wearing Santa hats? Plan your Christmas time in Cairo has their unique celebration which has very impressive and enjoyable. Starting from 25th of November to January 6th, Coptic Orthodox Christians proceed with a special fast called ‘The Holy Nativity Fast, following a vegan diet. The morning of 7th Jan is starting with a cup of tea and people visit friends and family members to celebrate together. Markets are all set to sell ginormous Christmas trees with lots of fairy lights, food and desserts. At the end of the day, people go home and love to eat a delicious meal. There are many cuisines ingredients including bread, rice, garlic and boiled lamb meat and of course not to forget their popular meal “Fata” a lamb soup. Being the most populous Arab country, Egypt gathers which unite Muslims and Christians as one.

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Amman, Jordan

Christmas break is usually celebrated with family and friends by spending memorable time with them and creating wonderful memories. This place is vibrant to the Christian community and will make your Christmas memorable and unique. Book your tickets and plan to visit an exciting place with friends or family. You will find many cafes and restaurants will put on decorations with Christmas lights which will attract visitors, as well as they, give special holiday meals who want to enjoy festive Christmas meal. There are many events organized across town from handcrafts to choirs, delicious street food and the sound of church bells with colourful Christmas lights will calm the inner peace. The city also arranges the Christmas parade where you can see other cultural performances to entertain the crowd.

Jerusalem, Israel

Christmas is a very special and magical place to spend the magical holiday season. This place has sparkling beauty with numerous churches around the old and new part of the city. Every Christmas eve, people gathered on the endless carpet around churches and enjoy the stunning view. In the evening, everyone gathers in the courtyard where children play a lot of games. The elder people read the story about the birth of Jesus and other family members lightened up the candles. In the night, people gathered around a bonfire and play music events, where they also make wishes for the upcoming year. The barbeque food is a top-notch treat for everyone to tie until supper. Last but not least, exchanging gifts and time spent with family and friends gives immense pleasure.

If you guys are desperate about celebrating Christmas, wants to listen to melodious Christmas bells, the fragrance of various delicious cuisines and waiting for gifts from Santa. Pick the best Christmas destination in Middle Eastern and book your travelling tickets at the best price with Forum Travel Agency. You will create lifetime memories and come back home with so many souvenirs Christmas present. Just forget everything and enjoy your wonderful moments with your special ones